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Plastoplan represents the company SABIC (formerly GE polymers) on the Czech market. The technically sophisticated materials from SABIC, particularly LEXAN™, NORYL™, ULTEM™, VALOX™, XENOY™ and CYCOLOY™, have proven their effectiveness in numerous demanding applications where maximum compliance with the material and design specifications of customers is achieved. Special products from LNP™ complete SABIC’s first-class portfolio.

The Saudi-Arabian chemical and metal corporation Sabic (Saudia Basic Industries Corporation) is a world leader. Sabic was founded in 1976 to promote the further processing of crude oil and natural gas on a national level. Its core business area in the polymers sector covers a broad product range in the area of polyolefines. In 2007, Sabic purchased the Polymers business unit of General Electric and rose to become one of the leading manufacturers of technical polymers. Sabic operates ultra-modern research and development centres and production sites across the globe in the Middle East, Europe, USA and Asia.