Polymers and solutions

Overview of our product range High-performance polymers PPS

PPS (polyphenylene sulphide) is highly resistant to temperatures, self-extinguishing and partially crystalline high-performance polymer with outstanding chemical properties. In addition to a low level of water absorption, PPS also boasts excellent dimensional stability and rigidity. Three different versions of the product are available: linear, cross-linked and impact modified. Depending on requirements, PPS can be refined with fibre glass, carbon fibre, minerals or another combination. Linear PPS has a higher degree of durability and elongation at break than cross-linked PPS. The material is temperature resistant up to 240°C and, depending on the modification and application case, permits engine-related applications in the automotive and electrical industry. This includes, among other things, ignition systems, plug connections or valves. But also parts for medical technology or household goods not lastly due to excellent adhesion to silicon are among the leading applications of PPS.