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Accounting for 20% of total polymer production, polypropylene (PP) is the second most prevalent polymer. The partially crystalline thermoplast belongs to the group of polyofins and, depending on the type of manufacturing and its chemical composition, is available in different versions: PP homopolymer (PPH), PP copolymer (PPC) and PP random copolymer (PPR). Its properties resemble those of polyethylene (PE), but it is harder and has increased dimensional stability under heat. Through different additives such as fibre glass, glass beads or mineral fillers, the material can be adjusted to various industrial requirements. It is odourless, tasteless and skin-friendly; its apolar nature means that it boasts outstanding chemical resistance. The material can be found in all areas of daily life, particularly in the packaging industry and in connection with food and household applications. Large quantities of products made of polypropylene are also used in the automotive industry for interior components as well as in the medical sector. Children’s toys, baby accessories and banknotes made of polypropylene foil supplement the broad range of applications of this polyolefin.